Observation / Coaching

MededPortal Peer Observation HandbookPeer Observation Handbook  

As part of Boston Children’s Teaching Certificate program, members receive individualized professional development through coaching, peer observation, and master teacher observations. Each experience provides members with one-on-one, focused teaching skill development.


The coaching sessions are arranged by the Department of Education and involve having the teaching certificate member meet with a senior clinician educator to discuss the member’s teaching goals and progress. Senior coaches provide support and guidance by having certificate members take action-oriented steps towards change and goal achievement.

Teaching Observation

The Department of Education arranges for senior clinician educators to conduct teaching observations of the certificate members. These are formative in nature, and allow certificate members to identify ahead of time the exact teaching skills and strategies they would like to have the senior educators focus on and provide feedback about after the teaching encounter.

Master Teacher Observation

All teaching certificate members are asked to identify “master teachers” or senior clinician educators who they feel best model the teaching skills and techniques the members would like to further develop. After observing the master teaching during an actual teaching encounter, the certificate members and master teachers meet to discuss effective use of the identified techniques, how to overcome obstacles in using these skills, and ways the teaching certificate member can incorporate best teaching strategies into their own teaching practices.