Graduate Medical Education

Graduate Medical Education (GME) at Boston Children’s Hospital is committed to the education and preparation of physicians for excellence in clinical practice in a broad spectrum of pediatric medical and surgical specialties and subspecialties in both academic and private settings.

We support our house staff in learning how to deliver the highest quality and safest care, especially to our patients with the most complex medical needs and set the caliber of training to achieve the goals of educating and preparing the future leaders in pediatric medicine.

Core values

Excellence | We are committed to achieving and maintaining a standard of excellence in all we do. First and foremost, we consistently strive to make the patient experience a model of quality care through advanced treatment, compassionate support and full family participation and communication. We will pursue graduate medical educational activities of the highest quality.

Spirit of collaboration | We will treat others with respect, listen to diverse views with open minds, and foster discussions where participants can comfortably offer opposing opinions.

Accountability | We will develop SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Bound) objectives aligned with the hospital’s educational mission, its funding priorities and the interests of residents, faculty, patients and their families and develop systems for evaluation and course corrections.

Leadership | As an academic medical center devoted to the practice of pediatrics, Boston Children’s Hospital fosters an environment of innovation and discovery and of individual and team contributions to advancing pediatrics in all areas of our mission.