Educational Grants

Health Professional Education Innovation (HPEI) Grant

The primary aim of the BCH Academy HPEI grant is to support either ongoing or proposed education innovations, curriculum development, or education research that advances BCH’s educational mission. The grant is open to all BCH Academy Members. Click here for the full list awardees dating back to 2017.

2024 Academy Health Professional Education Innovation (HPEI) Grant Awardees

Hadley Bloomhardt, MD

Increasing pediatric resident preparedness and engagement in facilitating interdisciplinary team-family meetings through interprofessional communication skills training

Michael Fishman, MD

Finding meaning in variation: Exploring how trainees experience and identify variation in clinical management

Jill O’Hara, MD, MPH

Development and Implementation of a Longitudinal Spaced-Repetition Deliberate Practice Curriculum in a Pediatric Critical Care Medicine Fellowship

Anne Sullivan, MD (pictured) & Caitlin O’Brien, MSN, RN, CCRN

Development and evaluation of a novel virtual reality simulation curriculum to improve neonatal intensive care multidisciplinary team essential skills and knowledge

2023 Academy Health Professional Education Innovation (HPEI) Grant Awardees

Jonathan Awori, MD, MS, MFA

Applications of Virtual Reality (VR) to Enhance Learner Understanding of Congenital Heart Disease

Katherine Canty, MD

Enhancing Sentinel Injury Recognition and Reducing Bias in Occult Injury Screening and Reporting in Child Physical Abuse through a Tiered-Complexity Reverse Boot Camp Simulation Curriculum

Eric Gaier, MD, Ph.D.

Assessing the Impact of the Resident Research Showcase

Christina Kratlian, MD, MA

Interdisciplinary Advocacy Education Curriculum in Primary Care

Kristen Richard, MD

Best Virtual Learning Practices for an Unscripted Hybrid Case Conference

Patricia Stoeck, MD

Developing a Psychologically Safe Peer Coaching Initiative for Pediatric Hospitalists: Using Video Recorded Feedback Conversations to Propel Change