If you do not see the answer to your question here, please email dan.schwartz@childrens.harvard.edu for help.

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How do I access protected content?

You must be a registered user to access protected content on this site. If please contact dan.schwartz@childrens.harvard.edu if you need to register for the site.

I am registered for the site, but cannot access course content.

Courses require enrollment. If you would like to be enrolled in a course, please contact dan.schwartz@childrens.harvard.edu

How do I access and edit my profile?

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You must be logged in to access and edit your profile. Select My Profile at the top of the page, and Edit from the profile options. From there you can edit either your profile information, or your profile settings.

  • Profile Settings:  The profile settings you can control are: your email address, the items about which you want to receive notifications, and the visibility of your profile To change the visibility of your profile, select My Profile at the top of the page, then Settings. Select “My Profile” at the top of the page, then select the Settings tab. From there select the setting you want to change. Visibility options are: Everyone=any site visitor; All Members=Only logged-in users; Only Me=not visible to anyone but you.
  • Profile Information: To edit the information in you profile, select My Profile at the top of the page, then select the Edit page. Make any changes to the form and be sure to select Save Changes below.
  • Add or change a profile photo: To enhance your profile with a photo of yourself or to use an avatar, select My Profile at the top of the page, then select Change Profile Photo. Use the file selector to navigate to a file on your local drive, select the file and then select Open. Use the cropping tool to set the visible area of the image, then select Crop Image. To delete an image you have previously upload, select the Delete tab and then select Delete My Profile Photo.


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How do I join a group?

Depending how the group was set up, a group may be public or private. If would like to join a private group, you may request permission to join the group by selecting the group and then selecting “Request Membership” on the group home page.

How do I create a group?

You must be logged in to the site to create a group. To create a group, select “My Profile” at the top of any page, select Groups > Create New Group. Follow the steps presented to set up your group.

How to I post a document to a group?

From within a group, select the documents tab. Scroll down to find and select the “Upload a New Document” button. Select “Choose File,” then “Browse” to find the file on your local drive to upload. Optionally, add a Display name and a brief description, then select “Save.”

How to I participate in a group discussion?

There are two ways to communicate with follow group members.


How to I create/schedule presentations for a scholar group, aka an Event?

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Meetings are “Events.” You must have a site registration to create an event. You can schedule recurring meetings (events) and enable individuals (e.g., presenters) to register for the meeting.  To create an event, select “My Profile” at the top of any page, then select “Events”>”My Events” from the profile options.  Select “Add New” event. Fill out the event information and select “Submit.” If this is a group event, be sure to associate the new event with your group.

To create a recurring   meeting (event) and enable presenters to choose the meeting at which they want to present, you need to create a recurring event with 1 or more spaces (reservations). Follow the steps above to create a new Event, check the “This is a recurring event” option, and enter the event logistics. Select the “Enable registration for this event” option under “Bookings/Registration” and enter the number of spaces (reservations) for which users can sign up. For example, if you want two people to present at a given meeting, enter 2 for total spaces. The maximum number of spaces per booking is the number of reservations any one person can make at a time. Usually, this will be 1. Leave the Booking Cut-off Date blank, unless you want to change the default of allowing registration up until 12 am the day of the meeting/event. Consent to the data submission notice, and select Submit Event.

How do I sign up to present at a meeting?

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Meetings are “Events.” Go to the event/meeting listing, which in the case of a group will be listed under Events in the group. Select the number of spaces you want to reserve, usually the only option will be 1. Select the event/meeting, fill out your name and required location information — this can be generic hospital information. Add any comments you want and select “Submit.” You should receive an email confirming your booking (registration), and a reminder email a day prior to the meeting/event.


I’m getting too many email notifications from the site, how do I limit them?

To adjust your email settings select My Profile at the top of the page, select Settings > Email.

How do I publish an online course for my department, division or program?

The Department of Medical Education hosts online learning modules for Boston Children’s Hospital clinicians. If you would like to post a course to the DME website, please contact dan.schwartz@childrens.harvard.edu