Awards and Recognition

John Cloherty Excellence in Clinical Teaching Award

Sara Ahmed, DMD

Kristen Leeman, MD
Newborn Medicine

2020 BCH Academy Award for Achievement in Educational Scholarship and Innovation

Kathleen Huth, MD, MMSc-Medical Education Complex Care Service, SIMPeds

2020 Ambassador Award for Distinguished Participation and Contribution to Educational Excellence

Joshua Borus, MD
Adolescent Medicine, Pediatrics

2021 Academy Health Professional Education Grant Awardees

The BCH Academy for Teaching and Educational Innovation and Scholarship congratulates the January 1, 2021–December 31, 2021 grant awardees.  The primary aim of the grant is to support either ongoing or proposed clinical teaching innovations and/or scholarly pursuits (including education research) within Boston Children’s Hospital.  Look for the 2022 Grant RFA next fall.