Application and Resources

To apply for credits through Boston Children’s Hospital, please complete and submit all of the required documentation below to

Required Documents: Application and Disclosure Forms
Joint Application
Disclosure Forms

Applications must be submitted at least eight weeks prior to the event to allow sufficient time for review and approval.

If you wish to market your course through the CME department, please sumbit your application at least 4 months in advance for local (Greater Boston Area) conferences, 6 months for regional (New England) conferences, and 9 months for national/international courses.

During the review period, reviewers may send necessary edits or revisions. Please address these edits and return the updated application in a timely manner in order to meet the eight week review period.

Preparing your Application

Some of the questions you should be prepared to answer in the application are:

  • Practice gaps: What is the problem/fact that you want to address?
  • Documentation for each gap: How do you know that the problem/fact exists?
  • Current practice vs. ideal practice: What is currently happening in practice that you are looking to change or improve?
  • Objectives: What is your goal for attendees after coming to your course?
  • Measurement process: How will you measure your effectiveness in making a change? What are barriers that could prevent change?

Important Definitions

Planning Committee: A planning committee comprised of at least three members actively involved in the development and organization of the program will be necessary. The committee must include one member of each discipline of your intended target audience. For example, if you are looking to get physician, nursing and pharmacy credits for your course you will need to have a minimum of one physician, one nurse and one pharmacist on your planning committee. Their involvement in the course from inception is crucial to ensure that the content is relevant for intended audiences.

Disclosure Form(s): Disclosure/Attestation Statements must be generated and signed by the course director, planning committee members, and all speakers. Electronic disclosures are available if the application is submitted with an excel document with first name, last name, degree and email address. We require disclosure forms for anyone that has any level of involvement in the course. (Link to blank disclosure form)

Program Schedule: A specific program schedule (including lecture times, speakers, degrees) must accompany the application. RSS is required to update their schedule with the frequency of your course (i.e. if you have a monthly course, you need to update your schedule on a monthly basis).

Approval Requirements

Peer Review Process Overview

Peer Reviewer Guide

Accreditation Statement: Precise and accurate accreditation language must appear on all program brochures, flyers or announcements. All marketing materials must be created by the Continuing Education Department or reviewed by the Boston Children’s Hospital Continuing Education Department. Please note that the accreditation statement can ONLY be used once the course has been approved.

Commercial Support (if applicable): If your course is using commercial support, you must indicate that on the continuing education application. All support must be vetted and reviewed by the Continuing Education Department and Boston Children’s Hospital Trust. Once your application is submitted, we will set up a time to discuss commercial support options.

Evaluation: An evaluation must be utilized to assess whether or not the objectives of the activity were met. The Continuing Education Department will be responsible for sending the evaluation to all attendees, unless otherwise discussed ahead of time. Evaluations are a requirement for your course. Live courses are required to have one post course evaluation. RSS sessions are required to have a minimum of two evaluations per year.