Psychiatry Fellowship Training Program

Please click here to view the 2023-2024 Fellowship Training Program Brochure.

Our philosophy is that medical education is a graduated process during which future child and adolescent psychiatrists gain experience with, and assume responsibility for, increasingly difficult patients and problems within their area of expertise. At the conclusion of training, fellows must be prepared to practice independently. We train child and adolescent psychiatrists who, by their final year of training, are prepared to manage complex patients and problems.

We provide timely, relevant instruction, supervision, and evaluation around the fundamentals of child and adolescent psychiatry that fosters the growth of each fellow as a developing professional, while acknowledging the challenges of entering a new field.

Our faculty offers hands-on supervision when and where it is needed, and our program flexes to allow increasing autonomy as each fellow demonstrates their emerging competencies.

We want our fellows to develop skills to:

  • reduce the burden of suffering, and improve the quality of life for children and families that face disabling mental illnesses
  • hone their evaluation artistry by identifying strengths and deficits of children and their families
  • develop proficiency in both psychotherapies and somatic therapies
  • treat child psychopathology in a bio-psycho-social context of development
  • emphasize culturally competent and family centered care
  • explore community-based settings systems of care
  • advocate for youth and their families
  • develop leadership expertise and work effectively in interdisciplinary teams

The fellowship is structured so that the majority of ACGME-required training experiences are completed in the first year, allowing substantial discretionary time in the second year for personal pursuits whether clinical, educational, or investigative. Our fellows are encouraged and supported to follow their interests and passions in the field of child and adolescent psychiatry.