Department of Dentistry | Pediatric Dental Residency Program

Thank you for your interest in our Pediatric Dentistry Residency Program at the Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard School of Dental Medicine. This dynamic training program is committed to providing the very best training in preparation for a fulfilling career in pediatric dentistry. The breadth and depth of clinical instruction opportunities in pediatric dentistry and craniofacial development are unparalleled.

Since its inception in the 1950s, our pediatric dentistry training program has undergone major increases in size and scope. What has remained unchanged throughout the years, however, has been our strong commitment to the development of future leaders in the field of pediatric dentistry.

Our residents are chosen not only on the basis of their academic credentials but also on their human qualities. We feel strongly that unselfish, dedicated and collegial professionals, who work well together are central to a fulfilling training experience for all.

We have expanded to five residents per year and have become one of the most desired and sought after residency programs in the field of pediatric dentistry in the United States.

The depth of our program is unparalleled, not only in terms of sheer numbers of patients, but also the types of patients our residents treat and the types of treatment offered. It is not unusual for our residents to consult on and treat patients who have the rarest of syndromes or diagnoses. Our patients come from all over the world to be seen at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Clinical training

Clinical training in pediatric dentistry for the Harvard School of Dental Medicine is primarily conducted at Boston Children’s Hospital. The residency provides a full range of specialty training for the pediatric dental residents in:

The department’s senior staff and house officers also serve as members of special patient teams within the hospital, treating patients with cleft lip and palate, other craniofacial anomalies or Down syndrome.

Emergency dental duty

Interns and residents are assigned emergency dental duty on a rotating basis. Trainees at Boston Children’s Hospital have the opportunity to treat a variety of dental emergencies involving pain, infection and orofacial trauma.

Patient management techniques

Patient management techniques are taught through a combination of lectures, discussions and clinical experience. These include:

  • behavior modification
  • nitrous oxide/oxygen analgesia
  • alternative conscious sedation techniques
  • general anesthesia