Adolescent Medicine | Outpatient Clinical Experience

Fellows provide outpatient care to patients in need of primary care and urgent care, as well as eating disorder, sexual health, reproductive endocrinology, LARC, gender affirming, and complex care. Clinical care is provided at the main BCH campus as well as at the Martha Eliot Clinic, a BCH affiliated community-based health center. Fellows also rotate through subspecialty clinics including the Gender Multispecialty Service, the Adolescent Substance Use & Addiction Program (ASAP), the Clinic for Interactive Media & Internet Disorders (CIMAID), Sports Medicine, and Planned Parenthood. There are many additional opportunities for elective clinical experience at BCH and affiliated sites. First and second year Fellows typically have 4-5 clinical experiences per week. Third year Fellows have, on average, 1.5 continuity clinical experiences per week. We are very fortunate to work closely with our interdisciplinary colleagues; with psychiatry, social work, psychology, nursing, and nutrition experts caring for our patients in a coordinated way and in the same clinical space.