Division of Pulmonary Medicine | Faculty

Alicia Casey, MD, Director, Fellowship Training Program, Co-Director Interstitial Lung Disease Program, Director, Pulmonary Complications of Vaping
Clinical Interests: Interstitial Lung Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, and pulmonary complications of vaping.
Academic Interests: chILD Genotype Phenotype correlations, pulmonary manifestations of immune dysregulation and autoimmunity, pulmonary complications of vaping, advocacy in rare lung disease and anti-tobacco advocacy, American Thoracic Society (ATS) Pediatric Executive Committee Children’s Interstitial Lung Disease Special Interest Group Member, ATS Advocacy Committee Member
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Emily Barsky, MD, MBE Associate Director, Cystic Fibrosis Center
Clinical Interests – CF, asthma, bioethics
Research Interests – Pediatric involvement in shared decision-making, end of life care, patient-doctor communication, CF antimicrobial therapies
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Manuela Cernadas, MD
Clinical Interests: cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis, inflammatory lung disease, asthma
Research Interests: macrophage and dendritic cell biology, lung immunology, cystic fibrosis
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Sung Chun, PhD
Associate Scientific Researcher
Instructor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School
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Suzanne Dahlberg, PhD
Assistant Director, Clinical Trial Biostatistics and Data Management
Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School

Hank Dorkin, MD
Immediate Past Division Clinical Chief 2008-16, Director, Division Clinical Research Program,
Co-Director, Cystic Fibrosis Center, Co-Director (Pediatrics), CFFTDN – TDC
Research Interests – Clinical trials for new therapies in pediatric lung disease, Development of new tests for early detection of lung disease
Clinical Interests – Cystic Fibrosis, Asthma, Artificial ventilation, The bedside physical exam of the patient with respiratory disease
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Dawn Ericson, MD
Clinical Interests – Exercise physiology
Research Interests – Mechanical flow limitation in exercise
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Martha Fishman, MD, Co-Director, Interstitial Lung Disease Program
Clinical Interests – Interstitial and Diffuse Lung Diseases (chILD Disorders), Genetically defined lung diseases, Pulmonary hemorrhage, Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis, Lung development disorders
Research Interests – Genetic causes of rare lung diseases: discovery of new genes through whole exome sequence analysis of well-phenotyped patients, Cross-sectional and longitudinal analyses of clinical, diagnostic, and therapeutic elements of Children’s Interstitial and Diffuse Lung Diseases (chILD), Active participation in the chILD research network (chILDRN) including participation in the National Registry for chILD, including clinical trials
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Jonathan Gaffin, MD, MMSc. Director, Severe Asthma Program
Research Interests – Asthma, Severe Asthma, Environmental epidemiology, Clinical Trials.
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Kenan Haver, MD, Director, Bronchoscopy Services
Clinical Interests – asthma, pneumonia, primary ciliary dyskinesia
Research Interests – complicated pneumonia, primary ciliary dyskinesia, flexible bronchoscopy training
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Lystra Hayden, MD, MMSc
Clinical Interests – BPD
Research Interests – BPD, genomic epidemiology of complex respiratory disease,​ early origins of COPD
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Eliot Katz, MD
Clinical and Research Interest – Sleep-disordered breathing
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Umakanth Katwa, MD, Director, Sleep Lab, Co-Director, Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia Program
Clinical Interests – Infant sleep apnea, pediatric OSA, disorders of respiratory control, primary ciliary dyskinesia
Research Interests – Phenotyping and precision diagnosis in Pediatric Sleep Apnea, technology integration in sleep medicine.
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John Kennedy, MD
Board Certified in: Internal Medicine, Adult Pulmonology, General Pediatrics, Adult Critical Care
Clinical Interests – Lung transplant, Cystic Fibrosis, and Interstitial lung disease, as well as refractory hypoxemia and ARDS in the COVID19 era.
Research Interests – the molecular mechanisms and cell signaling events involved in the development of cystic lung diseases, including mTOR, WNT, and TFEB/TFE3 signaling in Birt-Hogg-Dube syndrome and interstitial lung disease associated with lysosomal storage disorders.
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Katie Krone, MD
Clinical Interests – Bronchoscopy simulation training, Interstitial lung diseases, Airway malacia
Research Interests – Developing bronchoscopy models and simulation training for trainees and experienced bronchoscopists, investigating genetic and epigenetic underpinnings of pediatric rare diffuse lung disease, evaluation and management of airway malacia
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Jonathan Levin, MD, MBI
Clinical Interests – Bronchopulmonary dysplasia, neonatal pulmonology, informatics
Research Interests – Long term respiratory outcomes of prematurity, severe BPD, medical innovation
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Thomas Martin, MD, Assistant Professor, Director, Pulmonary Function Lab
Clinical Interests – Cystic Fibrosis, Asthma, Exercise
Research Interests – Asthma mechanisms; respiratory physiology
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Kara May, MD
Clinical Interests – Aerodigestive, aspiration, croup, vocal cord dysfunction
Research Interests – Aerodigestive, aspiration
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Levent Midyat, MD. Director, Neuromuscular/Chronic Vent Program
Director of Chronic Ventilation and Neuromuscular Diseases Program – Physician, Lung Transplant Program
Clinical Interests – Lung Transplantation, Chronic Ventilation, Neuromuscular Diseases, Interventional Pulmonary, Intensive Care Unit
Research Interests – Lung Transplantation, Global Health
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Ryan Perkins, MD
Instructor in Pediatrics
Clinical Interests: Transition of Care, Cystic Fibrosis, Young Adult Medicine
Research: Value Based Health Care, Outcomes Associated with Models of Care Delivery

Elliot Rabinowitz, MD
Clinical Interests – Intersection of pulmonary medicine and palliative care. Children with medical complexity.
Academic Interests – Quality improvement and safety.
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Benji Raby, MD, MPH, Division Chief
Leila and Irving Perlmutter Professor of Pediatrics | Harvard Medical School
Chief, Division of Pulmonary Medicine | Boston Children’s Hospital
Director, Pulmonary Genetics Center | Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Clinical interests: Pulmonary Genetics and Rare Lung Disease
Research interests – Genetics and Genomics of Asthma and Chronic Airways Disease; Computational and Functional Genomics of inherited lung disease; Rare Lung Disease; Integration of genetics and genomics in clinical practice
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Leah Ratner, MD
Research Interest – health care transitions as it pertains to health equity and health justice and would love to work with incoming fellows if any have similar interests!
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Dennis Rosen, MD, Associate Medical Director, Sleep Disorders Program
Clinical interests: treatment of children with sleep-disordered breathing, and specifically those with underlying medical complexity
Research interests:  Population-specific sleep disorders in children with Down syndrome. I have written a book about physician-patient communication and the obstacles which can compromise it, and developed interactive workshops for physicians to improve outcomes through better communication with their patients.  Finally, over the last several years I have worked closely with Compañeros en Salud, the Mexican affiliate of Partners in Health. I have been going to Chiapas 1-2 times/year, mentoring and teaching young physicians doing their year of national service in rural mountain communities; teaching the Helping Babies Breathe course to the physicians and nurses; and I am hoping to co-develop a tuberculosis diagnostic and treatment program where none currently exists (once COVID recedes).
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Gregory Sawicki, MD, MPH, Director, Cystic Fibrosis Center
Clinical Interests – Cystic fibrosis, quality improvement
Research interests – Health services / outcomes research, Adherence / Self-management, Transition from Pediatric to Adult Care 
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Catherine Sheils, MD, Director, Healthy Infant Lung Development
Associate Chief, Division of Pulmonary Medicine
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Tregony Simoneau, MD, Director, Outpatient Clinic
Clinical Interests – severe asthma, aerodigestive disorders
Research Interests: severe asthma, adherence, implementation science and program development
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Meera Subramaniam, MD, Director, Program for Pulmonary Health in Hematology/Oncology
Clinical Interests – Sickle cell disease, Post HSCT pulmonary complications, Bronchiolitis obliterans, Pulmonary diseases in Hematology/Oncology patients, General pulmonology
Research Interests – Bronchiolitis obliterans, Sickle cell disease, Clinical Trial of Pulmozyme in COVID-19 ARDS
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Ahmet Uluer, DO, Director, Adult CF Center, Director, Bridges Adult Transition Program
Clinical Interests – CF care, Bronchiectasis, chronic lung disease in general, transitional care needs of adult survivors of congenital or pediatric acquired chronic disease.
Research Interests – Translational (urinary biomarker, voice biomarker) clinical research involving CF patients (corporate and investigator initiated studies and North American Lead for two CF related studies) and QI related work
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Gary Visner, DO, Medical Director, Lung Transplant Program
Clinical Interests – Lung transplant, anatomic airway disorders, bronchoscopy
Research Interests – Transplantation, tracheobronchomalacia
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Ruobing Wang, MD
Research Interest – Using regenerative biology for the study of pediatric pulmonary disease and to develop new therapeutic applications.

Wai Wong, MD
Assistant Professor in Pediatrics
Joining the team soon!

Ke Yuan, PhD
Research Interest – My research focuses on defining the role of pericytes (PCs) in the pathogenesis of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), a devastating disorder caused by uncontrolled proliferation of human pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells (PASMCs), which progressively occludes precapillary pulmonary arteries. It is unclear what initiates the growth of PASMCs in PAH vascular lesions. PCs are the mural cells of blood microvessels and they regulate homeostasis in the blood-brain barrier, promote tumor metastasis and function in vascular morphogenesis and development. Because of their plasticity, PCs are also known as mesenchymal stem cell-like cells and can differentiate into other cell types. Thus, our particular focus in PAH is to determine whether PCs can differentiate into vascular PASMCs.
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Pyong Woo Park, PhD
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