Online Course Content


  • Mild IBD: Definition and Treatment- Athos Bousvaros, MD, MPH
  • Pediatric Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM): Should We Do It and How?- Joseph Feuerstein, MD
  • Recognizing and Managing Atypical IBD- Paul Rufo, MD, MMSc
  • Peri-operative Management of IBD- Lori Zimmerman, MD and Jill Zalieckas, MD


  • HCV: Pediatric Treatment, New Guidelines- Maureen M. Jonas, MD, Course Director
  • Evaluation of Abnormal Liver Tests (Case-based)- Christine K. Lee, MD
  • Evaluation of Neonatal Cholestasis- Rima Fawaz, MD


  • Avoidant- Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID)- Elena M. Bern, MD, MPH
  • Update on Approach to Nutritional Assessment- Alexandra Carey, MD
  • Environmental Enteric Dysfunction- Christoper P. Duggan, MD, MPH
  • Surgical Management of Short Bowel Syndrome- Tom Jaksic, MD, PhD

Intestinal Disease

  • What’s New in Celiac Disease- Jocelyn Silvester, MD, PhD
  • Fecal Microbial Transplantation: For What and When- Stacy Kahn, MD
  • Update on GI Polyposis and Colorectal Cancer Syndromes- Victor L. Fox, MD, Course Director


  • Management of Ingested Foreign Bodies- Douglas Fishman, MD
  • Esophageal Capsule Endoscopy- Anita Pai, MD


  • Management of Neurologically Impaired Children with Recurrent Aspiration: Gastrostomy and Fundoplication, Transpyloric Gastrojejunal Catheter, Surgical Jejunostomy- Rachel Rosen, MD, MPH
  • Role of Complementary Medicine in Functional GI Disease- Miguel Saps, MD
  • Colectomy, Cecostomy, or Heostomy: Surgical Options for Intractable Constipation- Belinda Dickie, MD, PhD