Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship Program

Eight clinicians are wearing white jackets, four are holding mugs

Training the next generation of pediatric cardiologists is an essential part of the mission of Boston Children’s Department of Cardiology. Since its inception in 1948, nearly 400 pediatric cardiologists from around the world have called Boston Children’s Hospital their home for some portion of their education and training. The department today has more than 80 faculty members as well as eight fellows each year in a categorical three-year fellowship program — along with a large complement of senior fellows pursuing advanced sub-specialty training. In addition to teaching trainees how to provide outstanding clinical care to our patients and families, our training program seeks to foster a spirit of innovation and discovery, curiosity, leadership, and shared values of inclusion, generosity, and compassion. Our graduates join the growing family of former Boston Children’s trainees who help advance the field of pediatric cardiovascular care around the globe.

Our mission remains centered around:

  • Providing outstanding compassionate clinical care to all our patients; striving to data-driven innovative strategies to improve outcomes
  • Expecting our relationships with all patients, families, trainees, colleagues, and the greater community to be selfless, generous, inclusive, and free of bias and discrimination
  • Fostering innovation and discovery in our clinical practice, research, and education across all facets of the department
  • Providing leadership in the hospital and at the local, regional, national, and international levels
  • Training fellows, scientists, and other health professionals who are similarly committed to the highest levels of clinical, scientific, and humanistic excellence