Fellow Profiles

First-Year Fellows

Catherine Coughlin

Catherine grew up in Connecticut, went to med school in New York, completed residency in the Boston Combined Residency Program. She is thrilled to stay in Boston for PEM fellowship! She enjoys cooking, baking, yoga, kayaking, and visiting museums. She loves exploring different Boston neighborhoods with her husband, committed to eating on all the patios in the city. Her academic interests include health equity, reproductive justice, and human trafficking. She hopes to pursue a career combining clinical practice and heath services research focused on social determinants of health. 

Kathryn “Kate” Hunt

Kate was born and raised in Scranton, PA. She attended Amherst College, ventured to NYC for medical school at Columbia, and then finally ended up in Boston for residency at the Boston Combined Residency Program. She loves Boston for its urban charm, expansive green space, and proximity to all sorts of New England adventures. When not in the ED, you can find her jogging across the city, working on a puzzle, cozied up at a coffee shop, or cooking with her husband. Long term, Kate hopes to combine her interests in clinical medicine and medical education. 

Imikomobong “Micky” Ibia

Imikomobong (Micky) Ibia was born in Calabar, Nigeria but spent his formative childhood years in Reston, Virginia. He subsequently attended the University of Pennsylvania and Mount Sinai School of Medicine, before completing a general emergency medicine residency in the Harvard Affiliated Emergency Medicine Residency (HAEMR) at Mass General Brigham. He is especially passionate about the Green Bay Packers, comic book movies, the recruitment of students & trainees (especially those unrepresented in medicine), pediatric emergency medicine infrastructure development in southeastern Nigeria/Haiti, and building tools to assist the general emergency medicine provider in caring for pediatric patients. Don’t hesitate to reach out on Twitter at @mickbong. ​

Stephanie Ludy

Stephanie grew up in Shrewsbury, MA. As a born and bred New Englander, she went to high school in New Hampshire and college in Maine before settling back home for medical school at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester. She then trained at the combined emergency medicine program at Harvard working at MGH and BWH. During her entire training, she has wanted to specialize into PEM and is so excited that her dreams have come true. Within pediatric emergency medicine she wants to focus her research on health equity and disaster medicine. She played ice hockey and lacrosse in college but in her free time lately, she enjoys tennis and golf. She loves board game nights and traveling the country to try out the best roller coasters. 

Mary Mottla

Mary grew up in Andover, MA then traveled to DC for college and medical school at Georgetown, followed by residency at Children’s National. Some of her favorite activities include going to the beach (aided by her oversized umbrella and SPF 70 sunscreen), reading, and exploring nearby hikes with her toddler and husband. She also enjoys ice skating and skiing, and comes prepared with additional hand/foot warmers if anyone needs an extra pair. Clinically and academically she interested in the integration of collaborative medical education and health systems development to improve child health globally.

Robert “Bobby” Rosen

Bobby grew up a Yankees fan in New York City only to have found himself outnumbered at home when his wife and toddler recently bought Red Sox hats. When he is not in the emergency department, he pretends he can play the electric bass, but mostly co-leads expeditions to Boston-area splash pads and jungle gyms with his daughter. They are lucky to return home every night to their apartment in the South End, which they love, and leave again on weekends for day trips to the North Shore or walks along Carson Beach and the ponds of Middlesex Fells Reservation. In addition to clinical medicine, he is interested in quality improvement research and harnessing quality improvement to drive health equity.

Second-Year Fellows

Lawrence Chang

Lawrence was born in Taiwan and grew up in Orange County, California, before crossing the country for college, and eventually venturing up to Boston for residency. On his days off, he can be found running (or more often strolling) along the Charles River Esplanade or Seaport Harbor Walk, lounging in coffee shops, exploring new food or bubble tea spots, or hurrying home to catch the start of a Dodgers game. In addition to teaching students and residents, his academic passions revolve around advancing upstream interventions to address social determinants of health and alleviate health disparities.​​

Laurel Gabler

Laurel grew up in a small town of 900 full-time residents on the tip of Long Island. ​Prior to medical school she lived and worked in over 7 different countries, developing a passion for international public health and diverse cuisines. After completing medical school in Boston she moved to Philadelphia for residency, but is happy to be back in Boston for fellowship. One of her favorite things to do in Boston is stroll through the Arboretum or around the Jamaica Pond with her dog and wife (she used to run rather than stroll, but being currently pregnant with twins has made the running part much harder). Other than strolling, she loves to hike, camp, make amateur pottery, watch horror movies, play board games, read murder mystery novels and get out of the city to see beautiful foliage as much as possible. She is passionate about global health and hopes to continue to work internationally after fellowship.

Alexandra “Ally” Geanacopoulos

Ally grew up in a suburb of Boston and went to Penn for medical school prior to returning home for pediatrics residency at the Boston Combined Residency Program. She plans to pursue a career combining clinical research and emergency care with an emphasis on improving diagnosis and management of infectious diseases in the emergency department. In addition to her work, Ally enjoys spending time with her family and friends, playing soccer, taking Peloton classes, and trying new restaurants in Boston. She loves baking and cake decorating and is currently working her way through the cookbooks Zoe Bakes and 100 Cookies. She loves Boston for its local farmers’ markets, festive holiday craft fairs, and scenic nature walks in JP and the Arnold Arboretum. On long weekends, Ally and her husband, Ben, like to visit her favorite coastal town, Kennebunkport, Maine.

Katia Genadry

Katia is an IMG from Beirut, Lebanon. She went to medical school at the American University of Beirut (AUB) then moved to the United sates for residency. She completed her residency in the Boston Combined Residency Program at Boston Children’s Hospital. Having grown up minutes away from the beach with a 6-month long summer, Katia naturally enjoys ANY and ALL bodies of water (highly recommend Plum Island beach), and she was really excited to discover that Boston even has it’s own local beach scene!  Her other hobbies (if going to the beach can even be considered a hobby) include playing the guitar, hanging out with friends and discovering bars around Boston. Best of both worlds are bars WITH live music, her favorite being Wally’s.

Nathan Georgette

Nathan hails from near Jacksonville, Florida. Despite the UV index, he enjoyed watching his Jags put up strong efforts in their 15 consecutive “rebuilding seasons”. Voting biennially for the members of the Mosquito Control Board is one of his most cherished civic duties. While in Chicago for residency, Nathan became an avid biker and he’s enjoyed exploring Boston’s neighborhoods on two wheels. He has many uninformed opinions about the incredible Boston food scene — ask him his recs for the beloved Longwood Galleria!​

Caroline Kahane

Caroline was born and raised in Los Angeles and ping-ponged across the country, attending college in New York, returning to Los Angeles for medical school at UCLA, before finally making her way to Boston for residency training in the Boston Combined Residency Program. As an official East Coast convert, Caroline’s favorite activities include enjoying New England weekend getaways (highlights: Newport, Portland, Gloucester, Nantucket, Bar Harbor, the Berkshires – find her to discuss recs!), bike-riding, cycling, skiing, baking and reading. She is working through her goal of trying (almost) every restaurant in Boston (highlights: Pammy’s, Kava, Gourmet Dumpling House — ask her for recommendations on this front too) and shockingly, the Boston winters are one of this California girl’s favorite parts of living here. Long term, Caroline hopes to combine a rich clinical career with her interests in longitudinal, clinical research and medical education.

Third-Year Fellows

Arianne “Cuff” Baker

Cuff Baker grew up in Sterling, Mass., known for “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” For fun outside, she likes to read, travel, cook, bake, and hang out with her husband and toddler. She plays Ultimate Frisbee and loves to travel for tournaments. Her favorite thing about Boston is being able to commute on foot, by bike, or via public transit. Academically, she is interested in medical education and leadership development in medicine.

Robert Hoffmann

Robert is an International Medical Graduate from Germany. He was born and raised in Nuremberg and went to Medical School at the University of Munich (LMU). After completing a basic science research traineeship at Mayo Clinic, he decided to come to the United States for his clinical residency. He completed his pediatrics residency in the Boston Combined Residency Program. As a stereotypical German, he enjoys soccer, A LOT. Luckily, there are several soccer teams at Boston Children’s and there are plenty of opportunities to play. His other interests include classic piano, surfing, tennis, squash, golf, and biking. As you can see, he is easily distractible. His favorite part about Boston is that there is always something fun and exciting to do, no matter the season. In the summer, there are plenty of beautiful beaches nearby such as Plum Island or Cape Cod. In the wintertime, he enjoys going to the symphony, which offers ticket discounts for young professionals. His current academic focus is innovative applications of point of care ultrasound in the ED and ICU.

Sonia Jarrett

Sonia grew up moving a lot between cities in Asia and the U.S. By college, she had moved eight times and had lived in Chengdu, Singapore, Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Washington, D.C. Her medical training has allowed her to explore the northeast: New York, Philadelphia, and now Boston. Some things she loves about Boston already include how bike-friendly it is and how easy it is to access New England’s mountains, state parks, and beaches. She is excited to be part of the International Pediatric Emergency Medicine combined fellowship at Boston Children’s.

Jean Junior

Jean was born and raised in Michigan, and attended medical school in Boston prior to completing pediatrics residency in San Francisco. As a relatively new city bicyclist, one of her favorite aspects of Boston is being able to get everywhere she needs via bike. Aside from cycling and working in the emergency department, she loves jogging, playing clarinet, listening to audio books and podcasts, and spending time with her co-fellows. She is also passionate about health equity, global health, poverty alleviation work, voter mobilization, and policy advocacy.

Vidya Raghavan

Vidya grew up in Mumbai, India and Bloomfield Hills, Mich., but for the past two years Boston has been her home. She discovered her love for chocolate, hiking, and skiing (in that order) while living in Switzerland and continued to grow these passions domestically in Denver and, now, Boston. Currently, she enjoys spending quality time chasing behind her toddler at local parks or splash pads in the North End. She once boarded a flight to Miami instead of Detroit, only to realize her error while taxing on the runway. Ask her how that story ends!

Ann Young

Ann is a native of Houston and has a Texas fanny pack to show for it. She’s a fan of rock climbing, backpacking, cooking and eating with friends, organizing her life, and puns. Her favorite things about Boston are hanging out in its beautiful green spaces, biking and walking everywhere, and eating $1 East Coast oysters at buck-a-shuck to her heart’s content. She dislikes fax machines, inefficiency, and wasting food. She’s active on Twitter and you can find her at @AnnYoungMD.

Fourth-Year Fellow

Daniel Shapiro

Although Dan left some of his heart in the San Francisco Bay Area where he lived before moving to Boston, he loves the seasons (and the oysters) in the Northeast. Here, he enjoys growing flowers in his community garden in the Fens, rooting for New York sports teams, and going on day trips around New England. As a native of New Haven, Conn., he appreciates a good slice of pizza (and recommends the Pepe’s outpost in Chestnut Hill). He plans to pursue a career in research with a focus on improving the emergency care of children with common pediatric infectious illnesses.