Fellowship Interview | Before You Interview: About Our Program

The Boston Children’s Hospital Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellowship offers a well-balanced 12 month training program blending clinical training with a robust educational curriculum. It is expected that our fellowship graduates are expert, independent practitioners in the administration of and consultation about pediatric anesthetic and perioperative care. A framework for our Fellows’ success centers on:

Knowledge: the application of expert medical knowledge and judgment in assessing, planning, and solving medical problems associated with pediatric perioperative care.

Skills: proficiency in providing all technical services required in the practice of pediatric anesthesiology.

Attitude: qualitative aspects of professional attitude, characteristics, and traits, which often combine optimism, leadership, resilience, democracy, teamwork and communication.

Scholarship: the talent, training and habits of study necessary for evaluating and appropriately applying new knowledge in pediatric anesthesiology as well as enrich and advance the practice of pediatric anesthesiology and the care of children.

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