Conference Prep: Network Summit 2022


Thank you for agreeing to present at the Network Summit 2022 on Wednesday, February 2, 2022. The conference will be held via Zoom. Please see below for important dates and information.

What we need from you:

DISCLOSURE: a signed disclosure form is required for participation in the conference. Please download the form and email it to

SPEAKER AGREEMENT: We ask that you sign a speaker agreement, by which you attest to reading and agreeing to the guidelines for online continuing education. There is a link to the guidelines in the speaker agreement. The guidelines include a description of the conditions under which you may use copyrighted images in your presentation. If you would like assistance in determining the copyright compliance of your presentation, please submit your slides via Dropbox by the date below.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: please include 3 (plus or minus) learning objectives at the beginning of your slides. It is best practice to determine your objectives for your learners prior to developing your presentation, and then shape your talk to meet the objectives.

Recorded Presentations and Slides

For your pre-recorded presentation, see our suggested tools and tips for recording. Please submit recordings via Dropbox by the date below, including the conference name in the file name.

Based on past participant feedback, we strongly encourage speakers to share their PDF slides for participants to reference during and up to 1 month after the conference. Please submit your slides via Dropbox by the date below in PDF format to make them available for download by conference attendees.


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