Summer 2020

WHAT’S INSIDE | GME Statement on Anti-Racism; New Training Grant; Beyond 2020 – Virtual Teaching; Online Cardiovascular Education in a Hurry; BCH Housestaff Council for Patient Safety and Quality Improvement; Graduate Medical Education Committee

Spring 2017

WHAT’S INSIDE | Message from the Co-Chairs; New Program Requirements: Duty Hours New Program Requirements: Duty Hours; Coordinator’s Corner; Graduate Student Research Awards; PS/QI Blitz; BCH Community Needs Health Assessment; IPASS wins Eisenberg Award; Dean Reede Strategies; Med. Education Posters

Spring 2016

WHAT’S INSIDE | Thibault describes GME Reform; Coordinator’s Corner; Adult Learning Principles to Clinical Teaching; 2016 Scientific Abstracts Competition; Interprofessional Education Initiative at BCH; Housestaff Council PSQI; Q&A with Dr. Landrigan; High Reliability; PSQI Blitz; Dr.Horn & Levin’s abstract