Winter 2019

WHAT’S INSIDE | Message from Co-Chairs; Board of Registration in Medicine Changes; Program Review; Boston Children’s Academy Award Winners; Boston Children’s Academy Retreat; Trainee Spotlight; Coordinators Corner

Winter 2017

WHAT’S INSIDE | Message from Co-Chairs; Centralized Observation Program at BCH; Milestone Clarification from ACGME; Coordinator’s Corner; Social Media at BCH; Armis Mobile App; Trainee QI/PS Grants Five Years Later; Fall Education Retreat

Winter 2016

WHAT’S INSIDE | Coordinators Corner; Teaching Medical Students; State’s RX Monitoring Program; New Medical Staff Plans; BCRP Strategic Retreat; History of QI; QI Spotlight

Winter 2015

WHAT’S INSIDE | CLER Pathways to Excellence; Dr. David Asch– GME Day Visiting Professor; Cardiology Boot Camp; Housestaff Council for Patient Safety & Quality Improvement; GME Fall Retreat; GME Spotlight– Dr. Scott Hadland