Prior to evaluating this infant, consider the various etiologies of seizures in infants.


HPI: 17 month old baby is brought in by her mother for what is thought to be a seizure.  The baby has been crying a bit today and his PO intake was decreased.  Mom was holding the baby as she felt him turning stiff and then limp. His eyes rolled up into his head and arched his head back.  She did not see any limb shaking and there was no tongue biting (yet the baby just started teething last month).  Mom called 911 and an ambulance arrived within 12 minutes.  By that time the baby started to response but was sleepy and clingy and his temperature was 100.9F. 
Additional history
Imm: UTD 15 months, no recent imm.
Allergies: None
PMH: Full term with no complications around a vaginal delivery. No ongoing medical problems
Meds: None

Febrile seizures (simple and complex)




Structural lesions: Tumors, cysts, malformation syndromes


Infectious: acute bacterial meningitis meningoencephalitis, shigella gastroenteritis


Electrolyte abnormalities


Toxin mediated