Endocrinology RSS

Thank you for agreeing to record a talk for the Endocrinology RSS Course! Please see below for important information.

Required Forms:

Please complete the following forms in advance of your talk:

  • Disclosure: A signed disclosure form is required for presenter participation in the conference.
  • Learning Objectives: Please include 3 (plus or minus) learning objectives at the beginning of your slides. It is best practice to determine your objectives for your learners prior to developing your presentation, and then shape your talk to meet the objectives.

Enduring Material Development

  • Speaker Agreement: We ask that you sign a speaker agreement, by which you attest to reading and agreeing to the guidelines for online continuing education. There is a link to the guidelines in the speaker agreement. The guidelines include a description of the conditions under which you may use copyrighted images in your presentation.
  • Recorded Presentation Upload: Fill out the form here to submit your recorded presentation. Instructions and guidelines for recording a presentation can be found in the Zoom Guidelines document, also linked below.


For tips, tricks, and tools for teaching in an online environment, check out our resources:

Zoom GuidelinesLists instructions and best practices for using Zoom, creating presentations, presenting PowerPoints, and recording presentations in PowerPoint and Zoom.
HIPPA (Protected Health Information) OverviewLists BCH policies and procedures for using PHI. Also includes some FAQs on using patient health information.
Note: Need to be on the BCH network (on-site or through VPN) to view this page.
PHI FAQAnswers frequently asked questions about patient health information.
Note: Need to be on the BCH network (on-site or through VPN) to view this page.
Zoom SupportOffers video tutorials, articles, and quick start guides for troubleshooting and using Zoom.
PixabayRoyalty-free stock images which can be used commercially; a good substitute for clip art or Google images.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, concerns or comments regarding the content or administration of this series of education, please contact the course coordinators below:

Kate Millington, kate.millington@childrens.harvard.edu

Christine Cherella, christine.cherella@childrens.harvard.edu

If you have questions, comments, or concerns regarding the technical aspects of this course, please contact Jay Cowan at jay.cowan@childrens.harvard.edu.

If you have questions, comments or concerns regarding the accreditation for this course, please contact the CE Department at cmedepartment@childrens.harvard.edu.