Conference Prep: Holy Family Summit 2022


Thank you for agreeing to present at the Holy Family Summit on June 1, 2022. The conference will be held via Zoom. Please see below for important dates and information.

What we need from you:

DISCLOSURE: A signed disclosure form is required for participation in the conference. You will be receiving an email from the CE Department with the disclosure form attached to fill out. Please download the disclosure form and email it to by 05/02/2022.

Here is an additional copy of the disclosure form if you do not receive the form via email. Please fill out all necessary fields on the form including your name and presentation title.

SPEAKER AGREEMENT: We ask that you sign a speaker agreement, by which you attest to reading and agreeing to the guidelines for online continuing education. Please submit the speaker agreement by 05/02/2022. There is a link to the guidelines in the speaker agreement. The guidelines include a description of the conditions under which you may use copyrighted images in your presentation. If you would like assistance in determining the copyright compliance of your presentation, please submit your slides by the date below.

SLIDES: To make your slides available for download by conference attendees, please submit them here by 05/13/2022.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: please include 3 (plus or minus) learning objectives at the beginning of your slides. It is best practice to determine your objectives for your learners prior to developing your presentation, and then shape your talk to meet the objectives.

IMAGE CREDITS AND JOURNAL CITATIONS: Ideally, permission to use images in your presentation is granted by the rights holder, e.g. by a creative commons or other license, or is in the public domain. As noted in the guidelines you are agreeing to, conference presentations fall under fair use, so copyrighted images may be used without permission. However, in order for fair use to apply, source information for images must be provided. If you can, provide the image owner’s name and license type. If the image came from a journal article, include a complete journal citation (or as complete as you can), and add “All rights reserved.”

Example Citations

Creative Commons License


Owner only, no permission

Owner only, with permission

Image by Lukas Schlagenhauf CC BY-ND 2.0

Cuello‐Garcia CA, Mai SHC, Simpson R, Al‐Harbi S, Choong K. Early Mobilization in Critically Ill Children: A Systematic Review. J Pediatr. 2018;203:25‐33. All rights reserved.

Photo (or Image) by Owner’s Name, on Site Name. All rights reserved.

Photo (or Image) by Owner’s Name, on Site Name. Used with permission.


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