Erika Yazawa

Dr. Yazawa completed her pediatric residency training at Columbia University. She received her undergraduate degree in Biology and Hispanic Studies from Boston College and her medical degree from Boston University. Her residency research examined outcomes (safety and efficacy) in neonatal patients who received inhaled iloprost for the acute management of severe pulmonary hypertension. She previously worked on a quality improvement project aimed at standardizing gastric residual volume assessments in early enteral feeds of ELBW and VLBW infants. She previously worked as a Research Assistant with Dr. Charles Dimitroff at BWH studying melanoma glycobiology, focusing on the identification and role of glycan ligands of galectin-1 on melanoma cells, their binding partners, and their function in melanoma progression and metastasis. She is interested in pursuing cardiopulmonary pathology research.

Stephanie Tung

Dr. Tung completed her pediatric residency training at Johns Hopkins. She received her bachelor’s degree in Immunology and master’s degree in Medical Biophysics from the University of Toronto. She obtained her medical degree from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. During residency, she assisted on a project to develop a new standardized definition of apnea and bradycardia events and monitoring guidelines for the NICU unit. She was also involved in a study investigating the impact of the care pacing model on overall patient outcomes with hopes of implementing standardized care plans. She is interested in pursuing pulmonary basic science research during her fellowship.

Jenna Katz

Dr. Katz completed her pediatric residency in the Boston Combined Residency Program. She received her bachelor’s degree in Biological Basis of Behavior from the University of Pennsylvania and her medical degree from Stanford University. During medical school and residency, she conducted research with the Fetal Center at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital. Specifically, she con- ducted a retrospective chart review to determine the added value of fetal MRI for identifying additional central nervous system (CNS) and non-CNS findings, and for informing prenatal and post- natal clinical decisions in pregnancies complicated by prenatally diagnosed ventriculomegaly. She presented this work at PAS and is first author on a publication in the Journal of Perinatology. She is currently working to put together a project on neonatal neurocritical care and is interested in pursuing clinical research during fellowship.

Genevieve Guyol

Dr. Guyol completed her pediatric residency in the Boston Combined Residency Program. She received her undergraduate degree in History and Spanish from Middlebury College and her medical degree from Boston University. During residency, she has been working on a project with Meg Parker using survey data to examine the extent to which maternal worries about un- met material needs (housing, job, and income) are associated with rates of breastfeeding and adherence to safe sleep guidelines. Her research interests are language and social-emotional development during the neonatal period and toxic stress. She would like to pursue health services research during fellowship.

Alejandro Frade Garcia

Dr. Frade Garcia served as chief resident in the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital pediatric residency program. He received his medical degree from Anahuac University in Mexico. As a resident, he had been awarded the Intern of the Year, NICU Resident of the Year, an Education Award, and Resident of the Year Award. He has conducted a clinical research as a retrospective review of EEG monitoring, seizure management and outcomes in the NICU. Additionally, he conducted research on rapid whole genome sequencing, which he presented at PAS in 2019. Dr. Frade Garcia is an AAP delegate for his program, promoting AAP advocacy efforts at the state and national level. He has also served as Clinical Director for the Special Olympics in Miami. He is interested in pursuing genomics research during fellowship.

Alissa D’Gama

Dr. D’Gama completed her pediatric residency training in the Boston Combined Residency Pro- gram completing the Accelerated Research Pathway. She received her undergraduate, medical, and doctorate degrees from Harvard University. She conducted her PhD research in the Christo- pher Walsh Lab investigating the genetic etiology of autism spectrum disorder and the intractable epilepsy syndromes hemimegalencephaly and focal cortical dysplasia using next generation se- quencing and single cell technology. She is the leader of the Academy of Basic/Translational In- vestigation Leader in the BCRP. Dr. D’Gama is interested in pursuing research in developmental neuroscience and translational genomics during fellowship.