Harvard-wide Pediatric Health Services Research Fellowship | Meet Our Fellows

2022-2024 fellows

Rahela Aziz-Bose, MD

Rahela Aziz-Bose, MD, a pediatric hematology/oncology fellow, is interested in the development and testing of interventions to address structural and resource-mediated health disparities in cardiovascular disease among childhood cancer survivors.

Nikita Kalluri, MD

Nikita Kalluri, MD, is a neonatology fellow interested in racial/ethnic and language equity in NICU care and outcomes. She hopes to further evaluate the contribution of social factors to perinatal health disparities, especially with regards to family engagement and communication throughout the NICU stay.

Ryan Perkins, MD

Ryan Perkins, MD, is a pediatric and adult pulmonologist whose research focuses on evaluating value-based health care, innovative care delivery models, and the implications of insurance policy on clinical and financial outcomes for patients with cystic fibrosis.

Cara Ruggiero, PhD, RD

Cara Ruggiero, PhD, RD, is a registered dietician and research fellow in the Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Healthy Weight and Nutrition Equity. Dr. Ruggiero studies obesity prevention and treatment from a family systems perspective, focusing on the home and surrounding neighborhood environment.

Kathleen (Katie) Snow, MD

Kathleen (Katie) Snow, MD, is a pediatric hospital medicine fellow interested in using large databases and predictive modeling to optimize the care of hospitalized pediatric patients.

Elsa Treffeisen, MD

Elsa Treffeisen, MD, a Boston Children’s Hospital Health Equity Fellow, is an allergy and immunology faculty member studying access to care and health outcomes in atopic dermatitis and food allergy, particularly in low-income and minority populations.

2023-25 fellows

Alexandra (Ally) Geanacopoulos, MD

Alexandra (Ally) Geanacopoulos, MD, is a fellow in pediatric emergency medicine. Through her research, Dr. Geanacopoulos aims to improve the diagnosis and management of common infectious respiratory illnesses in the pediatric emergency department.

Anisha Gundewar, MD

Anisha Gundewar, MD, is a fellow in pediatric gastroenterology, hepatology, and nutrition. Dr. Gundewar is interested in exploring the relationships between food insecurity, early infant feeding practices, and obesity, as well as developing evidence-based interventions for the prevention and treatment of childhood obesity.

Ellen Kim DeLuca, PhD, MPH

Ellen Kim DeLuca, PhD, MPH, focuses on developing and applying mathematical modeling and decision-making methods to evaluate child health policies and interventions. Current research topics include valuing health-related quality of life in children, evaluating vaccination programs, and modeling the ethical, legal, and social implications (ELSI) of genomics as applied to newborn screening programs.

Marcella Luercio, MD

Marcella Luercio, MD, a Boston Children’s Hospital Health Equity Fellow, is a hospital medicine attending and an Associate Program Director in the Boston Combined Residency Program. Dr. Luercio’s research interest is on improving the care for patients and families who speak languages other than English.

Katherine Melton, PhD, RN

Katherine Melton, PhD, RN, has research interest in improving the transition from pediatric to adult care for adolescents and young adults with chronic conditions, particularly cystic fibrosis.

Nicholas (Nick) Venturelli, MD

Nicholas (Nick) Venturelli, MD, is a clinical fellow in pediatric infectious disease. Dr. Venturelli is interested in adolescent sexual health, with a focus on prevention of STIs and disparity reduction among sexual and gender minority populations.

Gia Yannekis, MD

Gia Yannekis, MD, is a neonatology fellow in the Harvard Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Fellowship. Dr. Yannekis’ research focuses on the impact of delivery hospital NICU quality on neonatal outcomes and on evaluating barriers to universal access to high quality care.

2024-2026 fellows

Alyssa Coffin, MD

Alyssa Coffin, MD, is a pediatric hospitalist interested in research focused on addressing healthcare disparities for hospitalized patients and families who use languages other than English. Specifically, she hopes to utilize a community-based participatory research framework to facilitate safe transitions of care from the inpatient to outpatient setting.

Catherine Coughlin, MD, FAAP

Catherine Coughlin, MD, FAAP, is a pediatric emergency medicine fellow. Her research interests include infant morbidity and mortality, provision of equitable care in the emergency department, and identification of barriers and facilitators of access to healthcare.

Nisha Dalvie, MD

Nisha Dalvie, MD, is a Harvard Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Fellow. She is interested in inequities in NICU follow up and clinical outcomes, and methods to improve family engagement in the NICU.

Neha Kwatra, MD

Neha Kwatra, MD, a Boston Children’s Health Equity Fellow, is a staff radiologist and Assistant Professor in Radiology at Harvard Medical School. She is interested in variation and inequities in the utilization of nuclear medicine examinations such as bone scans, FDG PET/CT scans, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examinations in pediatric patients with osteomyelitis.

Kenneth (Kenny) Softness, MD

Kenneth (Kenny) Softness, MD, is a pediatric urology fellow who specializes in the care of children with conditions of the genitourinary tract. His research is focused on outcomes specific to the transition of care in congenital patients who leave pediatric centers for adult care.